Brian Pamintuan

sound designer + director of audio

My name is Brian Pamintuan and I currently reside in Seattle, WA. I am a full-time game sound designer with about 14 years of experience and currently the Director of Audio for WB Games. My background started in the music industry, producing and composing music professionally which had much exposure pushing me to pursue my passion and dream job of audio for video games.

I was fortunate enough to start my journey in the early 2000 with Monolith Productions, audio designing and leading audio for a number of AAA projects, gaining audio nominations and audio awards. I look forward to all the innovation of game audio and where this industry goes for the next generation of gaming.

"Sound design is the art of getting the right sound in the right place at the right time".
Tomlinson Holman

Gotham City Imposters

Audio vision, entire sound design and overall mix.

F.E.A.R. 3

In 2010, WB Seattle worked on the E3 trailer for FEAR3. I did all the SFX, additional stylize music stabs, swells, drones, post processing and entire final 5.1 mix down.

Stupid Cloud iOS game

Audio direction, sound design and mix.